Handmade Lye Soaps

And other Sundries....

"ME - MYSELF -and I"

This is what I do for my living as well as what I enjoy. From handmade Lye soaps, to fresh local fruit preserves, to a dabble in Pottery & Photography, to weaving on my loom, I occasionally add candles and even metal working into the mix.

My favorite label is:

"Jack of all trades, master of none" 

Ross Berry Farms (Acworth, GA)

Veronica raise bees and collects their honey as well as honey throughout North GA.

I am lucky to say I can offer her wonderful product at Farmers Markets & Festivals

Country Rhoades Arts & Crafts

Maxwell Farms (Dallas, GA)

Welcome Aboard Trina Sylvester!

In her new commercial kitchen on her family farm, she produces some of my favorite goodies around... Hot Dill Pickled Carrots! Among so many other items. Thank you for letting me get the word out about your "stuff"!